Project Catalog [per year]

Access the complete catalog of international projects carried out by Innovos Group, organized from their year of begining.


• [92] Study on the inventory of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (STKI) offer of programs that promote R&D&I+e, at national and regional level, organized by Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) (Chile)

• [91] Mid-term Evaluation of the BECAL Project (Paraguay)

• [90] External evaluator in the BIGEE Evaluation Committee (Jamaica)

• [89] Consultancy for the Technical Support for the Implementation of a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategy (MEALS or ME&L) for the Boosting Innovation, Growth and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (BIGEE) Programme. (Jamaica)

• [87] Digital Innovation to Boost Economic Development in Belize (Belize)

• [86] Support to Caribbean Startups and Innovative Firms within the Blue Economy (Trinidad and Tobago)

• [85] Modernization and upgrading of the INTEC Technology Development Centre for the Electrical Industry Sector (Paraguay)

• [84] Development of a proposal to define impact indicators for the Translational Biotechnology Center (Chile)

• [83] Final evaluation of the Project 'Clean Energy Technologies for Rural Areas in Cuba (BIOENERGY)' (PIMS 4899) (Cuba)

• [82] Specialized assistance for the promotion, coordination and management of the Contest for the award of Social Innovation Funds (Paraguay)


• [81] Final Evaluation of the PROCIENCIA Program (Paraguay)

• [80] Specialist for the Conceptual Design of Documents, Instruments, Guidelines, etc. corresponding to Component I of the PROCIENCIA Program (Paraguay)

• [79] Analysis and evaluation of indicators of Science, Technology and Innovation of Paraguay

• [78] Design and Implementation of a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategy (MEALS) (Jamaica)

• [77] Final Evaluation of the BECAL Project (Paraguay)

• [76] Evaluator in the contest R+D+i projects with international participation CDTI Spain 2021 (Perú)

• [75] Technical Evaluator of Projects to Strengthen Incubation Services (Paraguay)

• [74] Technical Evaluator of the Project for the Creation and Strengthening of Postgraduate Courses for the Training of Innovation Managers (Paraguay)


• [73] Results Evaluation of Technology Transfer and Licensing Offices (Chile)

• [72] Terminal Evaluation of the NAMA Pilot Project for the Transfer of Technology in the Industrial Sector of the Cundinamarca-Bogota Region (Colombia)


• [71] Support to Jamaica’s Innovation Ecosystem for Promoting Innovative Firms' - Technical Advisor for Establishing the Innovation Funds (Jamaica)

• [70] Mid-term Evaluation of the PROCIENCIA Program (Paraguay)

• [69] International Mentoring Unit for the Development of New Technology-based Companies (Costa Rica)


• [68] Design Evaluation of the Ministry of Environment (Paraguay)

• [67] Design Evaluation of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Paraguay)

• [66] Evaluation of Results of the 'Flexible Allocated Seed Grants for Innovation Entrepreneurship Support' Instrument (SSAF-I) (Chile)

• [65] Analysis of the Economic Determinants of the Investment Deficit in Research and Development in Panama (Panama)

• [64] Case Studies of 40 Beneficiary Projects in the Business Innovation Promotion Program, Specifically for the Calls for Business Innovation and Seed Capital (Panama)

• [63] Training and Evaluation of Business Incubators Sponsors of Innovation (Paraguay)

• [62] Individual International Consultancy for the Analysis of the Institutional Capacities of the IHCIETI (Honduras)

• [61] Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Support Platforms - Business Incubators and Accelerators Supported by CORFO (Chile)

• [60] Strengthening of the Center for Innovation in Social Entrepreneurship in Guatemala

• [59] Design of Funding Mechanisms for the Innovation in Paraguayan Enterprises Program (PROINNOVA) (Paraguay)

• [58] Evaluation of Applied Research Projects (Perú)


• [57] Mid-term Evaluation of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategic Plan (2015-2019) (Panama)

• [56] Evaluation of Impact/Effects of Business Incubators (Paraguay)


• [55] Training in Management of Innovation Projects, Incubators and Technology Development Centers (Paraguay)

• [54] Pan-African Acceleration Program - Strengthening the Entrepreneurial and Technical Capacity of Growth-oriented Digital Entrepreneurs (South Africa, Senegal and Kenya)

• [53] Impact Evaluation and Implementation Completion Report for the Investment Promotion and Financing Facility (IPFF) Project (Bangladesh)

• [52] Delivery of Accelerate Caribbean 4th Business Incubation Management Training (BIM) (Jamaica)

• [51] Analysis of R&D Needs in the Geographic Areas of the Central Provinces (Panama)

• [50] Viability Study and Business Plan of the First Technological Park of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)


• [49] Study of the Needs, Supply and Demand of Technological Services in Córdoba and its Metropolitan Area (Argentina)

• [48] Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Support Platforms - Chilean Business Incubators Supported by CORFO (Chile)

• [47] Case Studies of Beneficiary Enterprises: Support Program to Innovation Management in Colombia

• [46] Delivery of Accelerate Caribbean 2nd Business Incubation Management Training (BIM) (Saint Lucia)

• [45] Evaluation of Scientific Productivity of the Millennium Scientific Initiative Program Centers (Chile)

• [44] Impact Evaluation of the Instrument 'Locomotora de la Innovación'(Innovation Locomotive) in the Framework of the Business Innovation Management Program (Colombia)

• [43] Design of a New Instrument or Funding Mechanism for Strengthening the Research Capacity of Public Research Institutes (Perú)

• [42] External evaluator to the Centers of Excellence Contest 'Call 2015-I' (Perú)

• [41] Feasibility Studies and Business Plans for the Establishment of a Business Development Unit and a Research and Innovation Fund (Guyana)


• [40] Monitoring and evaluation for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Access to Finance Project (Papua New Guinea)

• [39] Evaluator of the Second Contest 'Presentation of Definitive Proposals' of Centers of Excellence (Perú)

• [38] Plan for the Identification, Recognition and Acceleration of Knowledge and Implementation of Preliminary Activities for the Creation of a Business Unit in the National University of Cordoba (Argentina)

• [37] Training for Business Incubation Intermediaries for the South African Innovation Support Program (Mozambique)

• [36] Design of the Baseline for the Science and Technology Program II (FINCYT II) (Perú)

• [35] Knowledge Valorization of Scientific and Technological Research Projects (PICT) of the National University of Córdoba (Argentina)


• [34] Technical Assistance to Strengthen Technological Innovation Activities between the Different Actors of the National Innovation System and Encourage the Development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) (Nicaragua)

• [33] Evaluation of Colciencias Financing to Research, Development and Innovation (I + D + I): Projects in Science, Technology and Innovation Research Groups Final Evaluation (Colombia)

• [32] Study of Key Actors in Regional Innovation, Collaboration and Financing Mechanisms in the SADC Region (South African Development Community) (South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia)

• [31] Brain Exchange Study: Updated Directory & PhD Mobility in Chile

• [30] Final Evaluation of the Development Support Program of Science, Technology and Innovation 1698/OC-PR (Paraguay)

• [29] Evaluator of 'Cienciactiva-Ideas Audaces' (Perú)

• [28] Final Evaluation of the Development Support Program of Science, Technology and Innovation 1698/OC-PR (Paraguay)


• [27] Implementation of the Performance Measurement and Improvement Model for Chilean Incubators

• [26] Call for performance agreements 2012 - Support for innovation in higher education - Constitution of selection committees (Chile)

• [25] Fundrainsing strategic for the Tanzania Education Authority

• [24] Evaluation of the Science and Technology Program (FINCYT) (Perú)

• [23] Adjustment and Adaptation of the Performance Measurement and Improvement Model for Chilean Incubators (Chile)

• [22] Design and Implementation of an Impact Evaluation System for Programs Financed by the National Fund for Regional Development (FNDR) and the Innovation for Competitiveness Fund (FIC) (Chile)

• [21] Technical Cooperation: Analysis of Priorities for the Uruguayan Science and Technology Sector. Study for the Generation of Business Incubation Capacities in Uruguay


• [20] Program to Promote Technology-Based Companies 'EMPRETECNO' (Argentina)

• [19] External Evaluation of the Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund (TALIF) (Ghana)

• [18] Survey of Management Models and Good Practices in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (Argentina)

• [17] Development of a Competitive Fund for Innovation in Higher Education in Armenia


• [16] 'Cordoba Creates Technology Based Companies' Program (Argentina)

• [15] Designing Competitive Innovation Funding System in Azerbaijan


• [14] Implementation of the Performance Measurement and Improvement Pilot Model for Chilean Incubators (Chile)

• [13] Evaluation of Small and Medium-sized Renewable Energy Enteprises in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Peru

• [12] Evaluation of the Scientific Productivity of the Research Centers of the Millennium Scientific Initiative Program (Chile)


• [11] Support to the Implementation of Business Incubators in Nicaragua

• [10] Project for Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology for Business Incubators in Mexico, in a Best Incubation Practices Context

• [09] Evaluation of the Financing Fund Program for FONDAP Excellence Research Center (Chile)


• [8] Elaboration of a Policy Document and Action Plan on Technology Development for the Government of Suriname


• [07] Final Evaluation Mexican Knowledge and Innovation Project


• [06] Design of Project Innovation for Competitiveness in Mexico


• [05] Mid-term Evaluation of the Bicentenary of Science and Techonology in Chile Program


• [04] Final Evaluation of the Venezuela Millennium Science Initiative


• [03] Support for Technological Innovation in Nicaragua


• [2] Design and Implementation of the Chile Millennium Science Initiative


• [1] Design and Supervision of the Chile Higher Education Improvement Project