28. Final Evaluation of the Development Support Program of Science, Technology and Innovation 1698/OC-PR

• Contracting Organization: National Council for Science, Technology (CONACYT) (financed by IDB)

• Start Date: June 2013

• End Date: December 2013

Three PROCIT components were evaluated: (i) Research and Innovation Projects; (ii) Strengthening and Development of Human Resources; (iii) Articulation of STI system actors. The level of compliance with the established goals was analyzed, the Program's impact was measured and the strategy adopted for its implementation and subsequent dissemination of results was analyzed. The aim was to learn lessons that would allow making adjustments to the Program's design and implementation process, in order to increase its effectiveness and impact.

Methodology and activities performed
A methodological strategy of triangulation of methods was designed, considering both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Instruments were designed and implemented to collect and analyze information from both perspectives: surveys, focus groups, documentary analysis, visits and direct observation, interviews and econometric analysis. Regarding PROCIT's management, an analysis of the processes was carried out, recording the activities and stages that make up these processes. The processes evaluated were: program dissemination, project evaluation, project awarding, project execution and project completion. An organizational analysis of PROCIT's implementation structure, including committees and evaluators, was also carried out and recommendations for improvement were made.

This work made it possible to assess PROCIT both from the perspective of its operation and the main achievements and results obtained, in general and for each of its components, based on five guiding criteria: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, effects and impact, and sustainability.