3. Support for Technological Innovation in Nicaragua

• Contracting Organization:

• Start Date: July 2000

• End Date: June 2002

To lay the foundations for a framework of action that would facilitate technological transfers and innovations in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The specific objectives were: (i) the expansion and deepening of the technological services market; (ii) the trial with prototypes of organizational and financial arrangements that facilitate technological innovations, within a controlled framework of action, and (iii) strengthening the capacities of the agencies that coordinate the supply and demand of technological services.

Methodology and activities performed
As part of component 1, 'Pilots to eliminate obstacles to supply and demand: Shared Funds and Financial Outsourcing', new mechanisms for the delivery of shared funds were tested for technological innovation projects in SMEs and projects to strengthen technology service laboratories. On the other hand, as part of the second component, 'Strengthening the National Innovation System (SNI)', support was provided for: (i) the strengthening of CONICYT (ii) the gradual incorporation during the execution of the Project of the Coordinating Unit (UC) of the Project to CONICYT as its Executive Secretary; (iii) establishment of a monitoring, follow-up, and evaluation system; (iv) the creation of a pilot network of technology facilitators to serve as intermediaries between SMEs and technology service providers; and (v) the testing of new SNI coordination models.

Particular work has been done on the design of human resource training activities and on the drafting of the project document, as well as on new SNI coordination models.'