33. Evaluation of Colciencias Financing to Research, Development and Innovation (I + D + I): Projects in Science, Technology and Innovation Research Groups Final Evaluation

• Contracting Organization: Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation - COLCIENCIAS (financed by IDB)

• Start Date: December 2013

• End Date: December 2014

Determine the effectiveness and measure the impact of funding granted by Colciencias to Science, Technology and Innovation projects executed by research groups from five different areas.

Methodology and activities performed
To determine the mentioned effectiveness, different analyses were carried out based on the application of quantitative and qualitative techniques. A descriptive statistical analysis of the different disciplines of CTeI, a bibliometric analysis of the individual and group scientific production of the researchers, an econometric analysis and a cost-benefit analysis were carried out. In addition, interviews, focus groups and documentary analysis were conducted.

The study generated a baseline of the research projects supported with COLCIENCIAS resources and the impacts on the research groups. Some recommendations related to improving the structure, objectives and financing mechanism of the research groups were established.