19. External Evaluation of the Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund (TALIF)

• Contracting Organization: National Council for Tertiary Education (financed by World Bank)

• Start Date: August 2011

• End Date: January 2012

The objective of the project was to review the progress achieved in the implementation of the TALIF Innovation Fund.

Methodology and activities performed
A detailed review of the original and revised TALIF indicators and baseline information was carried out. Data was collected from the TALIF information system and from each grantee institution. An evaluation framework was developed for the available information, covering performance indicators, Intermediatetete results and project referrals. Finally, visits were made to the beneficiary universities, where focus groups were conducted with professors and students.

Key lessons were identified and recommendations were designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of TALIF implementation. Recommendations were made to the Government regarding the maintenance and transversality of TALIF's operation, to include the use of competitive funds for higher education and the review of the control and management capacity of the TALIF Secretariat and its institutional level.