64. Case Studies of 40 Beneficiary Projects in the Business Innovation Promotion Program, Specifically for the Calls for Business Innovation and Seed Capital

• Contracting Organization: National Secretariat of Science and Technology (SENACYT) (financed by IDB)

• Start Date: October 2018

• End Date: February 2019

To study 40 projects benefited in Panama at the national level, which have completed or closed in the last five years of the Program for the Promotion of Business Innovation, specifically the calls for the Promotion of Business Innovation and Seed Capital, and establish an improvement process and updating the results for future decision-making.

Methodology and activities performed
A detailed list of 50 beneficiary projects was prepared, of which 40 suitable projects for the study were identified and selected. A self-diagnosis questionnaire was prepared and implemented for the entrepreneurs and beneficiary companies, the responses of which were analyzed and served as the basis for the face-to-face interviews. Visits were made to selected enterprises and companies, and the successful experiences (or not) of the 40 projects were described. Finally, a communication and dissemination strategy for the detected success stories was designed and presented, using channels such as radio, social networks and dissemination workshops at the national level.

Two types of evaluation were obtained: an individual one for each project and a global one, with a general understanding of the beneficiary projects. In the individual evaluation, reports, facts, factors and circumstances, challenges faced, perspectives and challenges of each project were presented. A final improvement plan was designed, and recommendations were made to position the Business Innovation Promotion Program at the national level.