14. Implementation of the Performance Measurement and Improvement Pilot Model for Chilean Incubators

• Contracting Organization:Production Development Corporation (CORFO) - Innova Chile

• Start Date: September 2009

• End Date: March 2010

To develop and implement a pilot model for performance measurement and continuous improvement for Chilean business incubators, in order to establish a performance evaluation system and improvement plans for these entities.

Methodology and activities performed
The monitoring and evaluation instruments were reviewed and re-designed considering the best indicators and practices at the international level. Then a survey was designed as the main instrument to collect information prior to visiting the incubators. A pilot test was carried out in three incubators to test the monitoring and evaluation instruments, to detect shortcomings or areas for improvement in them. Subsequently, a training workshop was held to prepare local consultants for the full implementation of the monitoring and evaluation methodology. An interview was conducted with the manager of each incubator and an international expert to initiate the monitoring and evaluation process. Finally, the full implementation of the methodology was carried out in the 19 incubators in Chile.


The final reports were prepared with the results of the visit, strengths and weaknesses were detected and guidelines were issued to develop an action plan for each incubator.