68. Design Evaluation of the Ministry of Environment

• Contracting Organization: Ministry of Finance of Paraguay (financed by UNDP)

• Start Date: November 2018

• End Date: April 2019

An assessment was made of the design of the Secretariat for the Environment, in order to explain whether the current budget structure was relevant, relevant and consistent with the institutional mission, and the rules that justify it, considering primarily whether it reflects the link between institutional output and public policy priorities and expected results, in the light of the criteria established by the lead agency.

Methodology and activities performed
To achieve the objective of this study, a methodology was used that included a descriptive and evaluative analysis of the programmatic structure of SEAM/MADES, based on 10 elements: legal framework of the Entity; contribution to national policies; justification for the existence of the programmes; logical model of each programme that makes up the Entity; stakeholders; potential population; target population; and focus; indicators, targets and evaluation mechanisms; programmatic structure; complementarity with other entities and/or Programmes; and gender focus. Documentary sources of information were used for the evaluation, such as legislation (laws, decrees, resolutions, regulations, national policies, national plans and programmes, manuals of procedures), as well as diagnoses and studies carried out in the area of responsibility of SEAM/MADES, among others). In addition, individual and group interviews were conducted with qualified informants. The assessment covers a four-year analysis period (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) prior to the current fiscal year, and considers the current year (2018) for the assessment of the current situation.

The study was completed with the presentation of conclusions from this analysis, formulated as strengths and weaknesses, and design recommendations for each of the programs.