21. Technical Cooperation: Analysis of Priorities for the Uruguayan Science and Technology Sector. Study for the Generation of Business Incubation Capacities in Uruguay

• Contracting Organization: Interamerican Development Bank (IBD) for ANII

• Start Date: April 2012

• End Date: June 2012

to carry out an analysis of the capacities of incubation and attraction of entrepreneurs in Uruguay, and then, based on the above information, make a proposal for the development of incubators with emphasis in the interior of the country and in the design and strengthening of programs .

Methodology and activities performed
carried out: a work plan was developed and an analysis of the entrepreneurial culture in Uruguay was carried out. Then an analysis of good practices and analysis of the current situation of promoting entrepreneurship through incubation was carried out. Based on this, a proposal was made for the development of entrepreneurial incubators in the country. Subsequently, there were planning and feedback meetings with the study counterparts, and as a fieldwork, interviews, focus groups and visits to business clusters and incubators were implemented. Finally, they made comparisons with international best practices.


the work carried out allowed to carry out a finished design of the support to the Incubators of companies, taking into account (both in design and implementation) the idiosyncrasy and characteristics of the Uruguayan ecosystem.