27. Implementation of the Performance Measurement and Improvement Model for Chilean Incubators

• Contracting Organization: Promotion Development Corporation (CORFO)

• Start Date:October 2012

• End Date: March 2013

Implement the Model in order to evaluate the performance of the business incubators supported by CORFO and establish an improvement plan for each incubator, which will allow them to increase their performance in the medium term.

Methodology and activities performed
An evaluation methodology was applied to 20 Chilean incubators, of different levels of development, high, medium or low technology. Among them, some were youth enterprises and associated with local universities. The evaluation consisted of three stages. The first was a pre-visit, in which a survey was carried out, the website was reviewed, and the evaluation matrix was pre-filled. The second visit consisted of focus groups with various actors from the incubator (entrepreneurs, management team, board of directors, among others), the completion of the evaluation matrix, and finally the definition of the results of the indicators. A post-visit was then carried out, which included the preparation of the feedback report, together with a feedback meeting, and ended with the proposal of guidelines for the design of an action plan.

Workshop to present results and training highlighting best incubation practices.