5. Mid-term Evaluation of the Bicentenary of Science and Techonology in Chile Program

• Contracting Organization: World Bank

• Start Date:March 2006

• End Date: May 2006

to assess the progress and Intermediatetete results obtained after the implementation of the project. All activities corresponding to each of the three components were evaluated: Improvement of the Science, Technology and Innovation System; Strengthening the Scientific Basis; and Public-Private Linkage.

Methodology and activities performed
It included desk work, 25 interviews with project managers in Chile, and visits to selected project beneficiaries, both scientists and business representatives.


A final report was made with a detailed evaluation of the program in general and of each component. The main recommendations are highlighted: (i) maintain a unit within the innovation system that focuses on cross-cutting initiatives in existing programs, and articulates public and private investigations; (ii) institutionalize elements of the PBCT in CONICYT; (iii) use the PBCT to support the National Council for Innovation for Competitiveness through a technical secretary; (iv) increase doctoral scholarships through a concerted strategy among CTI agencies to multiply doctoral graduation in Chile; (v) increase the scale of the program for the Insertion of Researchers in Industry and start the Scholarship Program for Theses in Industry, as they are critical to expanding the technological capabilities of the private sector; (vi) promote networks of researchers, linking the Research Rings with other research centers and institutes, and researchers in the private sector and abroad.