63. Training and Evaluation of Business Incubators Sponsors of Innovation

• Contracting Organization: OEI for National Council for Science, Technology (CONACYT)

• Start Date: September 2018

• End Date: March 2019

To provide a set of tools to enhance the capacities of Paraguayan institutions for the management and evaluation of business incubators.

Methodology and activities performed
A theoretical-practical training was carried out for the incubators. Then the management evaluation of the incubators was carried out. The minimum criteria for the registration of Innovation Sponsoring Incubators were defined and the scale was defined to measure their progress. Once the process of analyzing the documents of the incubators interested in obtaining the authorization to be Sponsors of Innovation in Validation Projects and the Creation of EBTs was completed, it was defined which were enabled and which were not. Finally, a virtual monitoring of the action plans resulting from the training was carried out.

Recommendations for improvement were proposed in three dimensions: a line of action referred to incubators, another one to entrepreneurial beneficiaries of PROINNOVA, and a last dimension referred to the SPI (Instrument Application System), which was of fundamental importance as a documentation platform. that relates to the three parties involved (CONACYT, incubators and entrepreneurs). Recommendations were also generated to improve the management of incubators not authorized to act as Sponsors and the CONACYT team was trained for future evaluations.