92. Study on the inventory of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (STKI) offer of programs that promote R&D&I+e, at national and regional level, organized by Technology Readiness Levels (TRL)

• Contracting Organization: Undersecretary of Science, Technology,
Knowledge and Innovation of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of the Government of Chile

• Start Date: November 2022

• End Date: February 2023

The objective of the consultancy was to identify and characterize the CTCI offer, at the program and instrument level, according to the level of technological maturity of its expected results.

Methodology and activities performed

The current public and private offer at national and regional level was identified and characterized, which was then systematized in files based on a classification proposal prepared according to the categories of the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Compass (STIP Compass) of the OECD and the technological maturity levels (TRLs). The inputs developed by the Ministry, which identify and characterize the current public offer of national scope, at the instrument and program level, were also strengthened. Finally, the findings and results were presented through Microsoft Power BI dashboards and visualizations, through which users could interact with the graphs and information in a simple and didactic way.


A report characterizing the CTCI offer in Chile was delivered together with a database detailing each of the programs and instruments listed in the CTCI offer in Chile. In turn, a TRL calculator and PowerBi dashboards were delivered for private and public use.