89. Consultancy for the Technical Support for the Implementation of a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategy (MEALS or ME&L) for the Boosting Innovation, Growth and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (BIGEE) Programme.

• Contracting Organization: Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ)

• Start Date: July 2022

• End Date: October 2022

To support the execution and implementation of a practical MEALS strategy that will support the DBJ in building capacity to conduct real-time monitoring and periodic reporting and evaluation of the BIGEE loan program.

Methodology and activities performed

Methodologies and main activities: The services consisted primarily of:
- The development and improvement of a digitalized and gender sensitive monitoring and evaluation strategy to support the Boosting Innovation, Growth and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (BIGEE) loan programme.
- The elaboration of a framework for monitoring and evaluating climate, environmental and social related projects.
- The approach of a strategy for the instruments that contemplates: i) pre-treatment processes covering the selection and the assignment into the treatment; ii) the treatment (value, intensity, dosage); iii) the collection of baseline and follow up data of outputs, inputs and outcomes
- The support of informed decision making through the complementation of quantitative information with qualitative information. As a result, DBJ was able to improve the programme’s selection methods, operations, and outcome
- The support of the operational and financial progress at project and program level.
- The provision of advisory and technical support to strengthen the DBJ’s MEALS strategy and institutional capacity for monitoring and evaluating innovation funds and activities developed under the BIGEE programme.
- The building of technical capacity for the DBJ staff to collect, monitor, evaluate and share data on innovation funds and support activities.
- The design and implementation of a dynamic online platform to update the data collection processes and gather multiple indicators for different projects on various frequencies.


As a result, the Development Bank of Jamaica team modified to internalize the Monitoring and Evaluation strategy designed and implemented during the consultancy. Collection and monitoring tools were also designed that allowed the Bank to track key performance indicators. Finally, training courses were given in key digital tools used during the consultancy such as: Power BI, Visio, Survey Monkey, among others.