85. Modernization and upgrading of the INTEC Technology Development Centre for the Electrical Industry Sector

• Contracting Organization: INTEC Ingeniería S.A.E

• Start Date: March 2022

• End Date: November 2022

The consultancy had two main objectives: on the one hand, a) To design and implement new services at the INTEC Technology Development Center (TDC), for companies and organizations part of the electrical industry and that respond to the needs and opportunities of social and economic development of the country; and on the other, b) To position the TDC as a forum for articulation and interface between the actors. public, private and academic sectors, with the aim of building a harmonious, coordinated and efficient ecosystem aimed at fostering R & D & I initiatives in the field of the electrical industry.

Methodology and activities performed

The organization chart of the TDC was drawn up, defining the different service units and the roles and responsibilities of the persons involved. At the same time, HR were trained in specific technical areas such as Innovation Ecosystems, Technology Development Center, Management and Search for Financing for R & D & I Projects and Marketing of Technology Services Definition , among others. A market study was also conducted, which served to identify and classify the actors according to their functions, roles and levels of power with respect to the project. On the other hand, the value proposition was tested through the pilot implementation of a survey (prepared by the consulting team) on the project’s strategic partners, who were also visited face-to-face to have a better understanding of the needs of the industrial-electrical sector. The results of both activities helped to refine the services to be provided by the TDC. Finally, the value proposition of the TDC was analyzed, its priority customer segments were defined and the Marketing and Communication Plan was elaborated using the 'Marketing Mix' strategy, which is based on 4 elements: Product, Place, Promotion and Price.


The Technical Manual of Procedures was prepared, which defines the organizational structure, service units, positions, functions and responsibilities. At the same time, a survey was prepared to identify problems and scientific and technological needs, and the value proposition of the CDT was tested and refined, which was disseminated through the Marketing and Communication Plan. Finally, areas for improvement and next steps were identified.