Visits to BIGEE Program’s beneficiaries at Montego Bay and Kingston (Jamaica)

September 21st, 2022

From September 12th, the consultants César Yammal and Jaime Jara, remained a week in Jamaica to carry out meetings and visits within the framework of the consultancy 'Technical Support for the Implementation of a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategy of the BIGEE Program ' from the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ)

The BIGEE Program seeks to promote innovation, development and the creation of entrepreneurship ecosystems, therefore, the general objective of the visit is to allow consultants to obtain information on organizational arrangements, management practices and capacities and other elements related to the corporate culture present in an intentional sample of beneficiaries financed by BIGEE and other relevant local actors.

On the first day, Dr. Yammal stayed in Montego Bay where he met with Orijin, a local company that managed to get a baby food production line up and running. Thanks to the sustained growth of the company thanks to financing lines such as DBJ’s, it allowed the design of an export strategy accompanied by the commercialization of production at the local level.

In Kingston, both consultants held meetings with DBJ’s team and with beneficiary firms of the BIGEE program to name, for example: EduFocal, One on One Educational Services Limited, RevUp, CreaTech Kingston Creative, among other relevant meetings for the development of this consultancy.

These visits sought to understand current needs, bottlenecks, requirements, present among beneficiaries, and at the same time, examine working relationships between BDJ staff (responsible for project supervision), Business Service Intermediary staff (BSIs) and beneficiaries of the BIGEE Program