Visits to institutions in the framework of the Final Evaluation of the PROCIENCIA Program

Within the framework of the Final Evaluation of the PROCIENCIA Program, Dr. César Yammal, the consultant Dr. Sara Goldberg and the CONACYT technical team will visit educational institutions and advanced research centers.

The Evaluation aims to inquire about the goals and results at the end of the program's life cycle, in order to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of the program, as well as other aspects related to the context, profitability, inclusion, gender , territorial scope and environmental sustainability. The general objective of the consultancy is to evaluate the Paraguayan Program for the Development of Science and Technology (PROCIENCIA) at the end of its execution, in order to assess the goals, products and results achieved by the program.

Today, Dr. César Yammal held a meeting with the Rector, Dr. Mariano Adolfo Pacher Morel, teachers and other representatives of the National University of Canindeyú - UNICAN.