83.Final evaluation of the Project "Clean Energy Technologies for Rural Areas in Cuba (BIOENERGY)" (PIMS 4899)

• Contracting Organization: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

• Start Date: February 2022

• End Date: July 2022

The report promotes accountability and transparency and assesses the replicability of project achievements.The project 'Clean Energy Technologies for Rural Areas in Cuba (BIOENERGÍA) had the objective of promoting the demonstration, deployment and transfer of innovative low-carbon technologies

Methodology and activities performed

The evaluation was conducted using the criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact, as defined and explained in the UNDP Guide for Conducting Final Evaluations of UNDP-supported GEF-funded projects. A participatory and consultative approach was followed, ensuring close collaboration with government counterparts, in particular the GEF Operational Focal Point, the UNDP Country Office, the project team, the UNDP GEF Technical Advisor in the region, and the key stakeholders. The information was obtained both remotely and through interviews with territorial actors. Likewise, methodologies with a gender approach and tools that ensured gender equality and the empowerment of women were used, as well as other cross-cutting aspects incorporated in the FE report.


In a first instance, an initial report and a draft of the final report were presented. Finally, a final report presented the conclusions obtained and a series of recommendations.