80.Specialist for the Conceptual Design of Documents, Instruments, Guidelines, etc. corresponding to Component I of the PROCIENCIA Program

• Contracting Organization: Organization of Ibero-American Strates (OEI) for the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT)

• Start Date: November 2021

• End Date: March 2022

Specialized technical assistance to Component I of the PROCIENCIA Program, in order to strengthen the internal management capacities of the instruments linked to the promotion of scientific research, in particular the instruments of strategic projects and multicenter/sectoral projects.

Methodology and activities performed
We started with the analysis and drawing of conclusions on the management process of Component 1. Once the analysis of the procedures of the main processes was completed, the proposed instruments were conceptually designed. In addition to the bibliography provided by the counterpart, the information resulting from the development of meetings and Focus Groups in institutions that carry out R&D activities with the presence of PRONII authorities and researchers was used as input. Recommendations were formulated and tools were designed, such as: base and conditions guides, execution guides, evaluation matrices, etc.