72. Terminal Evaluation of the NAMA Pilot Project for the Transfer of Technology in the Industrial Sector of the Cundinamarca-Bogota Region

• Contracting Organization: UNDP for CAEM (Colombian Business Environmental Chamber)

• Start Date: September 2020

• End Date: June 2020

The objective of the consultancy was to evaluate the final results achieved in achieving the objectives and results of the NAMA pilot project for technology transfer projects in the industrial sector of the Cundinamarca-Bogotá Region. The NAMA Pilot project aimed to promote the adoption of industry best practices and the implementation of low-carbon technologies in companies that are part of the industrial sector in Bogotá-Cundinamarca with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving productivity and competitiveness in alignment with Colombia’s low-carbon development strategy, and providing inputs for the development of a NAMA for the industry sector.

Methodology and activities performed
A desk review of all relevant sources of information was conducted and an initial report was prepared, which included a proposed schedule of tasks, activities and expected final results. Virtual visits were carried out in which relevant actors of the project were interviewed. The effectiveness and effectiveness with which the project achieved the desired results and the relevance and sustainability of the outputs were then evaluated.

The first results were presented after the end of the field mission and a final report was presented.