71. Support to Jamaica’s Innovation Ecosystem for Promoting Innovative Firms” - Technical Advisor for Establishing the Innovation Funds

• Contracting Organization: Interamerican Development Bank for Development Bank of Jamaica

• Start Date: November 2019

• End Date: March 2021

To provide support to the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) in the initial phase of implementing the innovation funds of the loan program.

Methodology and activities performed
A workplan, including methodology to be used and activities to be developed, was elaborated. and a desk review was conducted. Support for the articulation of the mission and vision that guided the Technical Unit’s (TU) operations was provided, as well, support to the DBJ in meeting the eligibility conditions for first disbursement. The consultant participated in the selection of the TU’s staff through the elaboration of ToRs for each post of the TU. Lessons learned from execution were identified and next steps/action plan were determined. Improvements to the Operating Manual of the Program and training/coaching to each team member was provided. As well, implementation risks were identified and strategies for its mitigation were developed.

Contribution to the design of financing instruments were made (including amount of money to be delivered, time schedule of disbursements and evaluation criteria for the businesses to be selected), resulting in 16 operational manuals for the different instruments which involved a climate change and gender focus. In addition, 15 ToRs, one for each post of the Programme’s Technical Unit, were elaborated.