70. Mid-term Evaluation of the PROCIENCIA Program

• Contracting Organization: Organization of Ibero-American Strates (OEI) for the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT)

• Start Date: August 2019

• End Date: March 2020

Assess the relevance and performance achieved by the 'PROCIENCIA' Program in the period 2014 - 1st semester 2019.

Methodology and activities performed
Five work blocks were identified for each component of the Program. In each of them, a detailed identification and characterization of the Program, a bibliometric-documentary analysis (scientific publications through SCOPUS and WoS), the design and implementation of data collection tools (surveys, scripts for focus groups and interviews), an analysis and assessment of the component and its instruments, and an evaluation based on the Theory of Change were carried out. In addition, 3 trips were made during which interviews, visits and meetings were held with the counterpart.Í.

A detailed report with critical factors of the Program and each of its components were analyzed. Strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement of the instruments of each component were identified. Recommendations and strategies for each component of the program were shared.