66. Evaluation of Results of the “Flexible Allocated Seed Grants for Innovation Entrepreneurship Support” Instrument (SSAF-I)

• Contracting Organization: E-Matris for CORFO for the Undersecretariat of Economy and Small Businesses

• Start Date: November 2018

• End Date: July 2019

The development of an evaluation of the Flexible Assignment Seed Subsidy instrument with a triangulation strategy between quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The preparation of a proposal and design of a quasi-experimental and / or experimental impact evaluation for it.

Methodology and activities performed
The historical information on the instrument collected by CORFO was processed and analyzed. The online survey was then carried out and analyzed for the beneficiaries of the instrument and finally, a survey for the managers of the incubators sponsoring the SSAF-I projects was implemented as well.

This study has had a main impact regarding the achievement of initial sales, sales growth, capital raising and internationalization; as well as in the perceptions about the instrument of entrepreneurs, incubators and other key actors.