62. Individual International Consultancy for the Analysis of the Institutional Capacities of the IHCIETI

• Contracting Organization: IDB for the Honduran Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (IHCIETI)

• Start Date: September 2018

• End Date: February 2019

To analyze the technical and operational management capacity of the IHCIETI to lead the Honduran SNCTI to promote the development of science, technology and innovation in Honduras through the operation of support programs for this sector.

Methodology and activities performed
An analysis of the work carried out by IHCIETI was carried out, with a framework for action in the design and implementation of public policies in its area. The internal and external environment for IHCIETI was analysed and the main challenges were identified. Surveys and interview guidelines were developed with IHCIETI officials and key stakeholders, and these surveys and interviews were then revised. A trip was made to Honduras to conduct interviews and surveys with IHCIETI officials and key actors. A staff training programme was then developed.

Evaluation of the inter-institutional coordination mechanisms of IHCIETI and SENACIT for the proper implementation of policies and programmes.