59. Design of Funding Mechanisms for the Innovation in Paraguayan Enterprises Program (PROINNOVA)

• Contracting Organization: National Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CONACYT)(financed by OEI)

• Start Date: February 2018

• End Date: June 2018

Design the Basis and Conditions Guides for the instruments of the Program for Innovation in Paraguayan Companies (PROINNOVA).

Methodology and activities performed
The documentation of the Program was reviewed, in order for the contractual partner to become familiar with: Loan Contract, Program document, Operating Regulations. In turn, the antecedents in CONACYT related to the operation of previously executed instruments to support innovation were reviewed; in particular, documents from the DETIEC and PROCIT programs. Together with CONACYT officials, the general guidelines that guide the detailed design and operation of each Program instrument were identified. We then proceeded with the preparation of a draft guide on the bases and conditions for each instrument and its discussion with the CONACYT team.

The guidelines were presented to the CONACYT authorities and adjustments were made to the documents that reflected the authorities' comments.