57. Mid-term Evaluation of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategic Plan (2015-2019)

• Contracting Organization: National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT) (financed by UNDP)

• Start Date: May 2017

• End Date: May 2018

Evaluate the level of execution and perspectives regarding the achievement of the strategic objectives of each of the five programs of the National Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation. The aim was to review and evaluate the level of progress achieved up to the time of the start of this consultancy in the implementation of the PENCYT 2015-2019, in terms of its relevance, effectiveness and efficiency.

Methodology and activities performed
An assessment of the results / progress achieved in the goals of the 5 programs established in the Strategic Plan was made. Afterwards, an identification and analysis of the gaps or weaknesses and bottlenecks in each PENCYT Program was carried out. Actions that contribute to giving them a solution, as well as recommendations that serve to rethink priorities according to the changing environment were formulated and proposed. In addition, proposals and recommendations for each of the five programs of the Strategic Plan, proposals for the support of SENACYT to each of the 5 programs and general institutional proposals were made.

A draft document and a final document of the mid-term evaluation of the PENCYT was delivered, as well as a revised and updated PENCYT document containing the changes and modifications suggested by the group of stakeholders consulted during the evaluation.