56. Evaluation of Impact/Effects of Business Incubators

• Contracting Organization: OEI for National Council for Science, Technology (CONACYT)

• Start Date: April 2017

• End Date: September 2017

To evaluate the performance of Business Incubators in Paraguay in order to identify existing operating models and serve as a basis for determining support policies from CONACYT.

Methodology and activities performed
The instruments to be used during the process were developed. They were a survey and an annex to it, to be completed by each incubator, as well as a matrix of results. Later, the incubators were classified according to their typology. Visits were made to each of the incubators. Then a comparison was made with other international incubation systems. A quantitative analysis was carried out based on the information provided by the incubators regarding the number of pre-incubated / incubated / graduated companies, financing received, number of patents and jobs generated. Then workshops were held with the incubators, in which the results of the evaluation were discussed.

Support instruments for business incubators and entrepreneurs were designed.