55. Training in Management of Innovation Projects, Incubators and Technology Development Centers

• Contracting Organization: OEI for National Council for Science, Technology (CONACYT)

• Start Date: October 2016

• End Date: June 2017

To generate human capital capacities in Companies, Technological Development Centers and Business Incubation Centers, for the interaction between the members of the National Innovation System: Government, Academic and Technological, Business, and Financial Services.

Methodology and activities performed
A training program aimed at actors linked to innovation processes in companies, technological development centers and incubators was carried out. For the trainings (lasting 120 hours each), the Blended Learning methodology was used, combining face-to-face teaching with content presented at a distance, with a participant-centered learning approach, avoiding a traditional mode of training 'by dictation'. For the latter, I worked in conjunction with the Columbia University of Paraguay, which provided its Moodle platform, which allowed the promotion of a socio-constructive way of interactions.

127 managers, technicians and technical teams from the public and private sectors were trained, who manage the innovation processes in companies, technology development centers and business incubators, key actors of the National Innovation System (middle managers) already 328 executives, authorities and general managers of the public and private sector of companies, unions and interface structures, who participate in the elaboration of public policies (senior managers). Finally, recommendations were made at the level of entry to training, exit from it, and at the level of training processes, in order to achieve a higher level of participation in future training, both at the level of number of participants and at the level of training. quality of their work.