51. Analysis of R&D Needs in the Geographic Areas of the Central Provinces

• Contracting Organization: National Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT)

• Start Date: October 2016
• End Date: February 2017

Generate a diagnosis of research needs based on the recognition of the current situation of the Science, Technology and Innovation System in the central provinces.

Methodology and activities performed
The necessary information was collected and an infrastructure analysis was made from field visits. A survey of the institutions was then carried out, through information collected on their websites, in documents provided by SENACYT, and in information from the SIN. Telephone consultations were subsequently conducted with key local informants. The documentary material on the governance of the Panama S & T system was analyzed. Then a preliminary agenda was established for the collective meetings and interviews, interviews were planned with SENACYT authorities and other key actors in Panama City, with real or potential interference in R&D&I activities in the central provinces, and finally a questionnaire was prepared.


Recognizing the indicators of capacities by regions, human capital, public and private productivity and identifying and characterizing institutional gaps, specific lines of action were proposed.