49. Study of the Needs, Supply and Demand of Technological Services in Córdoba and its Metropolitan Area

• Contracting organization: Agency for the Economic Development of the City of Córdoba (ADEC)

• Start Date:December 2015

• End Date: March 2016

To carry out a survey of the needs, demands and supply of technological services of the City of Córdoba and its metropolitan area.

Methodology and activities performed
First, existing studies, diagnoses and documents on this subject were collected and systematized. Then the Technology Centers (TC) relevant to the study were identified and categorized according to public, private, university, mixed. A tool was developed to relay information to Technology Centres. The actual and potential supply of technological services (ITS) by sector of economic activity was determined quantitatively and qualitatively, specifying what type of services were provided, who, in what geographical area and whether TC had scope to increase its supply without further investment. Companies and sectors that were acquiring ST were then identified in the identified TC. A sample framework was later defined to design a representative sample of SMEs in the city of Córdoba to characterize demand and needs for ST. Finally, a group of companies based in the AMC that provided relevant information for this study was identified. A tool for collecting information from companies was developed and the demand for DS was characterised by sector and industry.

We were able to quantitatively and qualitatively determine the real and potential demand for ST in Córdoba and companies specially identified in the AMC. In addition, the demands of TS not satisfied by the AMC Technology Centers were identified with their causes, and alternative methods and suppliers that companies use for this purpose were described. In turn, TS needs were identified that were not met or not yet expressed by the companies.