48. Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Support Platforms - Chilean Business Incubators Supported by CORFO

• Contracting Organization: E-Matris for CORFO for the Undersecretariat of Economy and Small Businesses

• Start Date: November 2015

• End Date: April 2016

To carry out an evaluation of the activities, results and performance of the business incubators supported by CORFO.

Methodology and activities performed
A map and a comprehensive characterization of the service offer of the different public and private organizations of the ecosystem that provide specialized support to the entrepreneurs and new companies in Chile within the framework of international trends observed in some ecosystems were elaborated. As well, an evaluation model and analysis methodology of the incubator business model and tools associated with the task were developed. In addition, an analysis, systematization of information and basic characterization of the activity of development incubators (D) and innovation incubators (I) were carried out, as well as the projects supported by development and innovation incubators. Then, an analysis and systematization of the business models of the development and innovation incubators supported by CORFO was carried out specifically, and their financing models were analyzed, detecting good practices in terms of financing and sustainability. Later, critical factors were identified in the operation of the incubators and restrictions for the expansion of their activities.

Formulation of recommendations aimed at strengthening critical aspects in the operational and strategic operation of incubators. Recommendations for CORFO and for incubators. Preparation of a final report with final results, considerations, conclusions and recommendations.