47. Case Studies of Beneficiary Enterprises: Support Program to Innovation Management in Colombia

• Contracting Organization: Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation 'COLCIENCIAS' (financed by IDB)

• Start Date: Nomvember 2015

• End Date: December 2015

To carry out 25 case studies selected among the companies and expert advisory entities that were beneficiaries of the calls made during the years 2011 and 2012 in the Business Innovation Management Program.

Methodology and activities performed
A detailed methodology for the study of innovation cases was made, adapting the Innovation Management Capacity Measurement Model developed by Vilá and Muñoz-Nájar of the IESE Business School in Barcelona. This model establishes seven key variables to promote innovation within the company. Various meetings were held with program designers and company evaluators. Subsequently, an analysis of the documentation of each beneficiary company was carried out, the preparation and implementation of interview guidelines and visits and interviews with the beneficiary companies and expert advisory entities.

Based on a case study of each company, and the identification and characterization of the program, a report was written with conclusions and recommendations from the study.