42. External evaluator to the Centers of Excellence Contest "Call 2015-I"

• Contracting Organization: National Fund for Technological Development and Technological Innovation (FONDECYT)

• Start Date: June 2015

• End Date: June 2015

Perform activities as evaluator of the contest, which aimed to provide frontier technological solutions to specific needs of strategic productive sectors or clusters for the competitive development of the country.To achieve this, the CE carried out Research and Development (R&D) activities, as well as transfer, innovation, commercialization and dissemination of the technologies generated; , at the same time, highly specialized human capital.

Methodology and activities performed
The contest was carried out in two stages. In the first one (from June 03 to 11, 2015) my duly supported comments were reviewed, analyzed and entered, and later the evaluation of the proposal was delivered through the web platform. Then, in the second stage (from June 16 to 18) I was part of the Evaluation Panel via Skype.

Fifeteen evaluations were carried out