45. Evaluation of Scientific Productivity of the Millennium Scientific Initiative Program Centers

• Contracting Organization: Undersecretary of Economy and Smaller Businesses

• Start Date: October 2015

• End Date: February 2016

To determine the evolution of scientific productivity and impact of the Institutes and Nuclei of the Millennium Science Initiative (MSI) during the period 2009-2014. This was done through the analysis of the 4 (four) components of the Program.

Methodology and activities performed
To evaluate the productivity of 38 MSI centers, a matrix of indicators was prepared for the Institutes and Nuclei, and based on it, the growth and trends observed in several variables were analyzed. A desktop analysis was performed, reviewing the MSI productivity evaluation model 2000-2008. Baselines were constructed to compare the values observed for the pre-center period with those of the center's operating period. In addition, surveys, focus groups and interviews were developed. A comparative growth, trend and longitudinal study was conducted and a benchmarking study with international practices was carried out.


The impact of belonging to an MSI center was determined, strategic and methodological recommendations and proposals for improvement in the evaluation were provided.