44. Impact Evaluation of the Instrument "Locomotora de la Innovación"(Innovation Locomotive) in the Framework of the Business Innovation Management Program

• Contracting Organization: Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation 'COLCIENCIAS' (financed by IDB)

• Start Date: September 2015

• End Date: December 2015

To determine the effectiveness of the instrument 'Locomotive of innovation for companies' financed by COLCIENCIAS by means of the baseline survey, the design and initial implementation of the impact evaluation in relation to the economic performance and productivity of the financed companies, as well as the accumulation of business capacities in innovation and the implementation of product, service or business model innovation processes based on scientific or technological knowledge.

Methodology and activities performed
A survey was carried out among 91 companies between beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of the calls for this program between 2011, 2012 and 2013. Based on the results of this survey, an evaluation was carried out by developing exercises of different averages between beneficiary and non-beneficiary companies in variables related to operational profits, number of employees with postgraduate degrees, budget allocated to innovation, people assigned to innovation, innovation programs and number of patents obtained. Based on this, a longitudinal analysis was carried out which seeks to examine over time some indicators that were sought to impact through the program using some indicators such as sales, people dedicated to carrying out STI activities, number of employees and their training and projects related to innovation supported by the company. Afterwards, an estimate of the cost-benefit of the program and case studies were carried out for some of the beneficiaries. Finally, a balance of international best practices was presented, highlighting programs from Uruguay, Chile, Finland and Singapore.

The study was able to identify through different econometric exercises that, in the very short term, the instrument allowed the participating companies to strengthen their capacities for the design, adoption and improvement of innovation management practices. Adjustment opportunities, recommendations and policy lessons were also identified.