43. Design of a New Instrument or Funding Mechanism for Strengthening the Research Capacity of Public Research Institutes

• Contracting Organization: Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru

• Start Date: August 2015

• End Date: November 2015

Define the design and implementation mechanisms of a new financing instrument that allows the strengthening of public research institutes (PRIs) capacities.

Methodology and activities performed
Workplan elaboration, elaboration and implementation of surveys, interviews and in-situ visits to the PRIs. As well, best practices at an international level were identified and diverse financing models of PRIs used in Latin America and other countries with similar economic development were analysed.

New financing scheme to strengthen the PRIs, and a new monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for the financing scheme, jointly with an operating manual and indicators of M&E of the instrument (which included the financeable areas, selection criteria and application mechanisms). Also, the development of an Excellence Applied Investigation Area was recommended. Finally, a workshop for validating the financing instrument was developed.