38. Plan for the Identification, Recognition and Acceleration of Knowledge and Implementation of Preliminary Activities for the Creation of a Business Unit in the National University of Cordoba

• Contracting Organization: Secretary of Science and Technique of the University of Córdoba

• Start Date: September 2014

• End Date: May 2015

Provide continuity to the Knowledge Identification, Valorization and Acceleration program. Design technology transfer action plans for the projects proposed by the UNC and approved by the ANPCyT. Additionally, activities aimed at forming an Office of Businesses, systematizing the process designed in the previous Stage for all SECyT projects, and identifying which will be the main and necessary activities for the development of a Business Office.

Methodology and activities performed
Meetings were held with the groups responsible for each of the accelerated projects approved by FONCYT. The action plans for each project were defined, together with external advisors (staff from the incubator and from the UNC Business School). Technical assistance was provided in preparing the budget for the action plans. Goals, indicators and schedule of action plans were proposed. In turn, action plans were drawn up. For the creation of a business office, the methodology for identifying accelerated projects developed in the previous project was systematized, so that it would be applicable to the entire portfolio of SECyT projects; On the other hand, the main actions that the Business Unit should execute were identified based on the needs detected during the activities to establish the action plans of the 18 projects that could be accelerated.

Proposal for a business office model, identifying the necessary resources based on the identified activities.