37. Training for Business Incubation Intermediaries for the South African Innovation Support Program

• Contracting Organization: FCG International Ltd.

• Start Date: August 2014

• End Date: October 2014

To train the selected incubators in the following areas: Implementation of Mentoring as a business incubator service; offers and financing for incubator clients; commercialization of technology through business incubation and configuration of virtual business incubation services.

Methodology and activities performed
An Osterwalder Value Proposition Canvas was developed, which focuses on understanding the needs of the client (i.e., the incubators) and, based on these needs, defining a set of benefits (including products and services concrete) to meet those needs. Incubators defined and prioritized their customer segments and then began the canvas work by focusing on a priority segment. It began by defining a preliminary value proposition with basic incubation services, both residential and virtual, and then adding elements related to mentoring, access to financing elements, and technology commercialization aspects (day five).

End of the training, summarizing the value proposition in a statement.