36. Design of the Baseline for the Science and Technology Program II (FINCYT II)

• Contracting Organization: Coordinating Unit of the Science and Technology program (finaced by IDB)

• Start Date:May 2014

• End Date: February 2015

To prepare the Baseline of the Innovation for Competitiveness Project, taking into account the reference values of the main dimensions of the Peruvian innovation market, and presenting a hypothesis about its possible behavior towards the period in which the execution of the project is expected to end.

Methodology and activities performed
A map of relevant actors was drawn up and a baseline was developed with final indicators and Intermediatetete indicators. In addition, surveys, interview guidelines, and focus groups were designed and implemented. The methodology validation workshops and training sessions were carried out with the counterpart.

An Operational Manual was prepared and recommendations on the impact of the project were generated. As an aspect to highlight, the subprojects 'Postgraduate scholarships abroad' and 'Doctoral scholarships in national universities' belonging to component 'II. Improvement of R + D + i capacities for the development of knowledge 'of the FINCYT II Program.