32. Study of Key Actors in Regional Innovation, Collaboration and Financing Mechanisms in the SADC Region (South African Development Community)

• Contracting Organization: FCG International Ltd (financed by Goverment of Finland)

• Start Date: November 2013
• End Date:May 2014

The SAIS program aims to strengthen national innovation systems and development of regional innovation system in the southern African region (SADC), developing skills and stimulating operational elements of national innovation systems (NIS) in and between the four pilot countries (Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia), in order to contribute positively to the search for sustainable economic growth, help to reduce poverty and support countries in the development of society.

Methodology and activities performed
An analysis of the current situation regarding innovation in the region was made, at an individual country and regional level. An innovation analytical framework relevant to the SADC region was proposed, including the identification of gaps.

A benchmarking exercise with other regional cooperation of innovation initiatives was made, in order to identify successful experiences to fill the gaps in the region. Also, recommendations regarding framework conditions (establishment of endogenous innovation funding mechanisms), HH.RR development (promote and international exchange pilot programme of final year of Science and Engineering students), knowledge infrastructure (promote sectorial approach in key sectors with a high demand for innovation and knowledge, as well as promoting the establishment of incubations paces where startups can launch) and the promotion of linkages (include international cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation as an issue in the Foreign Affairs Ministers agenda)