31. Brain Exchange Study: Updated Directory & PhD Mobility in Chile

• Contracting Organization:

• Start Date: August 2013

• End Date: January 2014

To collect information to analyze in depth what motivations, characteristics and variables exist behind the exchange and mobility of advanced human capital between countries, with a specific vision in the case of Chile. The specific objectives of this project were: (i) To collect information that allows to know the main reasons and individual motivations that the doctors had to have migrated from their countries of origin; (ii) collect information that allows to know the international work networks that the Chilean doctors residing abroad and the resident foreign doctors maintain in Chile.

Methodology and activities performed
The study was carried out during August 2013 and February 2014, and allowed to have an updated population of doctors residing in Chile (Directory 1) and Chilean doctors residing abroad (Directory 2), in addition, it allowed to obtain results on the CDH survey, applied to foreign doctors in Chile and Chilean doctorates abroad, including the International Mobility module, interviews and focus groups. Based on the activities mentioned, it was possible to update the information of the directories of Chilean doctors and the characterization of the doctorates and their mobility, as well as the motivational aspects behind this mobility. Likewise, an analysis of the international networks in which doctorates abroad participate was carried out.

Lay the foundations for new initiatives to gather information about the scientific work of the doctors present in Chile, as well as those fellow nationals who have decided to reside abroad.