25. Fundrainsing strategic for the Tanzania Education Authority

• Contracting Organization: Tanzania Education Authority (TEA)

• Start Date: July 2012
• End Date: April 2013

To assist the Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) to secure adequate resources to the Education Fund and ensure sustainable financing of the educational projects, as well as build staff capacity in resource mobilization.

Methodology and activities performed
A detailed analysis of the financing processes and organizational capacities of the TEA was carried out. Besides, an analysis of the supply and demand of economic resources and an audit of fundraising processes. Also, an analysis of investments, expenses and operating costs was elaborated. Regarding organizational capacities, the starting point was a review and update of TEA's vision, mission and core values, analyzing its institutional image and communication strategies. Their fiscal responsibility practices and financial operations were analyzed in detail. Institutional planning and evaluation procedures were evaluated, and an evaluation of its human resources was carried out, both at the personnel and board levels.

Based on the analysis made, a business/institutional operating model was developed using the Canvas methodology and from there the business plan for TEA was developed. Also, recommendations were made, and strategies were proposed to develop around the following dimensions: mission and image, financial profile, organizational activities and donor programs, planning and evaluation.