17. Development of a Competitive Fund for Innovation in Higher Education in Armenia

• Contracting Organization: Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia

• Start Date: January 2011

• End Date: December 2011

to design and establish a CIF, which would become a policy development instrument to encourage innovations and improve quality and relevance in Armenian Higher Education Institutions

Methodology and activities performed
after attending several meetings with key players of the sector and running a workshop to discuss international best practices, I designed and implemented a feasibility study. I assisted the local consultants in order to guarantee the development of general outlines of the CIF Operational Manual. Additionally, we organized seminars of CIF key stakeholders to present the CIF operational principles, main objectives and functions. I also supported the fund-raising for the implementation of a pilot for their CIF.

I developed an Operations Manual that served as a guide for the implementation of the CIF and specifies the main principles, objectives and functions of the CIF. The main contents of this manual were: objectives of the projects to be funded, main principles for project implementation; main principles and criteria for project proposals selection; procedures for proposal submission, evaluation and approval; procedures for the funding of the approved projects; procedures for submission and approval of project reports; monitoring procedures; and procurement and financial management procedures.