16. “Cordoba Creates Technology Based Companies” Program

• Contracting Organization: Ministry of Science and Technology of Cordoba

Start Date: June 2010

• End Date: September 2011

To develop actions that promote the creation, development and consolidation of technology-based companies in the Province of Córdoba, making use of private financing instruments, such as venture capital funds.

Methodology and activities performed
A network of institutions and specialists from the public and private sectors was created so that they can strengthen the Program with their human and institutional resources. Innovos Group S.A. was part of this network under the figure of promoting entity and its main function was technical assistance and advice to the projects and entrepreneurs that participate in the program, specifically it carried out a business plan, the identification and overcoming of bottlenecks in business growth and collaborated with business contacts, markets, investor relations and credit institutions. The service was provided to the entities participating in the Córdoba Techno Entrepreneurs Contest

A Business Plan was developed as a joint entrepreneur. In addition, a SWOT was carried out from which the main lines of action were established. '