13. Evaluation of Small and Medium-sized Renewable Energy Enteprises in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Peru

• Contracting Organization: ESMAP - InfoDev (financed by World Bank)

• Start Date: September 2009

• End Date: January 2010

To explore the potential for the development and strengthening of renewable energy (RE) SMEs, through the provision of business development services and the establishment of a business incubator focused on RE in the country.

Methodology and activities performed
Reconnaissance mission in Nicaragua in order to have a better understanding of the RE and SMEs market in the country. Relevant RE key players and BDS providers were surveyed, with whom exploratory meetings were established. Obstacles to RE SME development and needs for technical assistance, business development, and financial support were also assessed.

A series of opportunities were indicated for the strengthening of existing SMEs and for the creation of new companies in the RE area. Recommendations of steps to follow to be considered for its implementation were also presented, as well as options for scaling up support for RE SMEs in Nicaragua.