12. Evaluation of the Scientific Productivity of the Research Centers of the Millennium Scientific Initiative Program

• Contracting Organization: Ministry of Planning and Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, Government of Chile

• Start Date: March 2009

• End Date: March 2010

to study the scientific productivity and the impact of the Institues and Nuclei of the Millennium Scientific Initiative Program (ICM), during the period 2009 and 2014.

Methodology and activities performed
the performance of28 centers was evaluated through a matrix ofindicators to evaluate each objective. Anda baseline was developed for each center using quantitative and qualitative indicators (interviews, focus groups and surveys). In addition, an analysis of the scientific productivity of 174 researchers belonging to the Program was carried out through the study of more than a thousand publications. And an international Benchmarking was carried out with equivalent centers at an international level.


Production of a report with the analysis of the four objectives of the Program for each Millennium Center organized into three subgroups (Institutes of Natural Sciences, Nucleus of Natural Sciences and Nuclei of Social Sciences). Main recommendations made to the program: In addition to promoting the creation of nuclei, collaboration should be made to permanence over time and that they can become institutes; and develop an insertion program for doctoral graduates or post-doctoral students returning from abroad in ICM centers.