11. Support to the Implementation of Business Incubators in Nicaragua

• Contracting Organization: Nicaraguan Council of Science and Technology (CONICYT)

• Start Date: August 2008

• End Date: December 2008

To motivate various sectors of the country (academic, business and finance) to install a business incubator, whose structure will consist of several partners.

Methodology and activities performed
A feasibility study and needs assessment was conducted. An incubator model and terms of reference (governance, procedures and selection of entrepreneurs to be supported) were then identified. Subsequently, a Business plan and various entrepreneurs were evaluated along with their business plans.

it was possible to form a group of partners composed of: UNI, UCC and CONICYT. The business incubator, INSPIRE, was created in June 2010. Under the infoDev Programme, technical assistance was provided for the implementation of the business incubator.