6. Design of Project Innovation for Competitiveness in Mexico

• Contracting Organization: World Bank

• Start Date:October 2004

• End Date: December 2005

To support the efforts of the Mexican Government to improve the competitiveness of the economy by strengthening the innovative capacity of the private sector, accelerating the formation of advanced human capital, and increasing the international integration of the innovation system.

Methodology and activities performed
The reforms implemented in the area of science and technology were consolidated, through the strengthening of business innovation, the development of human capital, and the construction of a system of monitoring and evaluation of policies. Competitive funding lines from the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) were supported, including (a) research consortia and networks, (b) venture capital fund, (c) pre-competitive fund, (d) sectoral fund for economic development, and (e) industry researchers. The aim was to fund CONACYT’s scientific excellence scholarship programs. Finally, policies to improve innovation and internationalization were supported.

Team coordination and document writing. Coordination of a team made up of staff from the World Bank and CONACYT to design a phased long-term investment project. Main participation in the drafting of the Project Appraisal Document.