2. Design and Implementation of the Chile Millennium Science Initiative

• Contracting Organization: World Bank

• Start Date: April 1999

• End Date: August 2003

To evaluate the results of the implementation of the project, whose objective was to improve the quality and impact of Chilean research and innovation. The specific objective of the project was to demonstrate significantly improved performance in a selected segment of the Chilean science and technology system.

Methodology and activities performed
The results achieved in the implementation of each component of the project were evaluated: Management structure for the millennium scientific initiative, Competitive Fund for Scientific Excellence (research subsidies for Nuclei and Centers of Excellence and establishment of networks of scientific collaboration), lessons learned were identified and, for the qualitative-quantitative analysis, secondary sources were used and field visits were made to beneficiary centers of the project in Chile, in which semi-structured face-to-face interviews were carried out with the project managers and direct beneficiaries.

The project evaluation report was written, based on field visits made to the Program Centers, considering as one of the fundamental factors to evaluate the infrastructure, laboratories and major research equipment.