1. Design and Supervision of the Chile Higher Education Improvement Project

• Contracting Organization: World Bank

• Start Date: July 1998

• End Date: August 2003

To evaluate the results of implementation of the project, whose objective was to improve the quality and impact of Chilean research and development.

Methodology and activities performed
The implementation of this project was carried out through four pillars: international research, training of scientists, training and maintenance of networks of collaboration and promotion of knowledge at international level, and promotion of knowledge towards society. First, the policy framework and capacity-building were analysed, developed definitions of the roles of higher education institutions and established policies and mechanisms to facilitate the transfer of students and graduates between institutions. Then, amendments to existing laws were proposed, policies and new working procedures were developed in different types of higher education institutions, and management capacity was developed in different educational institutions.

A political basis, a funding methodology, and a competitive fund were developed to promote quality and relevance, evaluate and review student loan and scholarship plans, to increase equity in access and opportunities for higher education.